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I can't get these lyrics out of my head!

They are just perfect for right now.

What’s the day?” “What are you doing?” “How’s your food?” “How’s that
song?” Man it passes right by me its behind me now its gone. I cant lift
you up cause my mind is tired, its family beaches that I desire. That
sacred night where we watched the fireworks. They frightened the babies
and you know they’ve got two flashing eyes and if they are color blind,
they make me feel, that you’re only what I see sometimes."

Last night was perfection. Met a new friend...smoked weed under the stars and listened to bull frogs. He's by far the coolest person ever. I've honestly never met someone so genuine. I'm really excited to have a good guy in my life. Lately I've just been plagued with guys that only want sex and nothing else.

I guess you could say last night was fireworks.
I'm still comin' down.
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